Cycling without worries, through the territory of Locarno between wineries and vineyards

Discover the Cantina Matasci (Winery)
The Matasci company, an important part of the history of our canton Ticino, is one of the largest wineries in the area and is based in Tenero since 1921, almost 100 years of history.

It produces, imports and sells wines with style and elegance, always very attentive to the quality of its products and to the service of its customers.

Their diamond tip is certainly the soft and delicate merlot wine "Selezione d'Ottobre" with which the company, still today family-run, is identified. A wine that has 50 years of history and that has contributed in a tangible way to make known this popular grape beyond the borders of Ticino going to open new markets beyond the Gotthard.

The company has been linked with passion and dedication to the world of art for more than 40 years, with an exhibition space "Matasci Arte" always in Tenero with regular exhibitions dedicated to painting, sculpture and photography.

Another value of the company Matasci is certainly the vaulted cellar of Villa Jelmini, where there is "The Museum of Wine" dedicated to the culture and history of important winemaking in Ticino.

The new project Bike and Wine on Lake Maggiore
The Cantina Matasci (Winery), always very dynamic, has created a new project, to bring you to know the world of wine by cycling and with various gastronomic stops along the way.

The planned route by bike is between Tenero, Gordola and Locarno, cycling through an extremely pleasant and relaxing path even on the shores of Lake Maggiore. Simple for everyone, even for those who are not used to cycling.

A project that has been possible thanks to various collaborations in the area.

  • Bar Express, partner Rent a Bike, where you can rent a bike and have breakfast.
  • Agriturismo Al Saliciolo where there will be a visit to both the farm and the vineyard and where a typical lunch will be served with a good glass of wine.
  • Al Porto Café Lago you will find Locarno's famous pastry shop, where a very sweet stop is planned.
  • And of course a visit to the Cantina Matasci (Winery) and a tasting of their best wines that will cheer you up the end of a wonderful day.

The intelligent thing is that several days have been organized for the development of the trip from April to October are in fact scheduled these dates: 19.04.2019, 17.05.2019, 14.06.2019, 19.07.2019, 16.08.2019, 13.09.2019, 18.10.2019.

The cost of CHF 75 per person is not prohibitive and if you want more information write to or go to our contact form.