SellWine this time instead of talking about a topic about the world of wine, she asks you the answers

We thought of something a little more fun to do, always linked to the world of wine, and we made a little crossword puzzle about wine.

We present the questions.

1 -It's a full-bodied Italian red wine famous everywhere
2- We drink it on special occasions but its name is protected
3- It is a quality of wine that in Ticino needs no introduction
4- It is a French winery of Reims and linked to a historical factor
5- They began to call it Mozart's wine when he mentioned it in one of his works
6- Typical wine of Trentino and in particular of Piana Rotaliana
9- Places loved and spread all over the world and often visited by those who love good wine
11- Who created this wine has Swiss origins

7- A special moment to do in company when you want to know a wine
8- It is a mark of guarantee and origin
10- It is a professional title that you can obtain if you want to produce good wine
12- Online wine shop
13- Sometimes they are historical and sometimes disappointing.
14- A typical wine for a happy hour
15- The Chianti region has made it its symbol

Only one black box to fill in.

If you solve the number 12...TOP...but if you want all the solutions write to or to our contact form.

Have fun!