From a very simple idea a new product that likes more and more.


The SAMBI is an all organic drink fresh and ideal for the summer totally organic and 100% Ticino.

A small miracle that has its roots in the Ticino tradition and combines totally organic products (elder flowers harvested in the Val Mara area of Ticino, Monte Generoso water, sugar and lemon) with the art of sparkling wine.

A young and slightly alcoholic drink (only 4.2%), simply with ice, garnished with mint and elderberry syrup or combined with gin to enjoy a Hugo and Gin Tonic revisited thanks to this drink decidedly smart.

The idea came to three young people from Capolago who strongly wanted to create a new product capable of combining the pleasure of drinking healthy and natural.



This drink began its journey just over a year ago, entering a competitive market, but has gradually managed to make room and is now appreciated by us in Ticino and in French-speaking Switzerland.

It is very likely that the stocks will end sooner than expected and it will be necessary to wait until next year to be able to taste a few bottles. In fact, its production is limited, or rather it is dictated by the rhythms of nature, which rightly impose maximum production limits.



A BIO Suisse certified product that testifies to the commitment and ability of producers to offer a new product, but with great respect for nature and organic principles.

You can taste SAMBÌ in packages of 0.75 cl or 0.33 cl even immediately, in fact you can find it in our wine shop by simply clicking here.

Happy SAMBI and before opening the bottle remember to turn it over!