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  1. Book and Wine Selection Il Giardino dei Semplici and Clesurae

    A spiritual and enveloping novel, a full bodied red and intense, this is how the SellWine gift idea is born.

    Our "sensory adventures kit" includes:
    • two bottles of Clesurae Teroldego Rotaliano D.O.C. of the Rotaliana Winery
    • a copy of the novel Il Giardino dei Semplici by the Lugano author Gerardo Bramati (in italian)

    What better way to enjoy a historical novel set in a sensory and enveloping middle age, if not accompany it with a glass of good wine?

    From here came our idea of proposing a unique experience, able to wrap those who receive it in a whirlwind of pleasant sensations: an adventure illuminated by the sun that reverberates on gothic windows and perfumed by fruity fragrances.

    An experience that includes the sound of the North Sea, the paper flowing between the fingers and the velvety taste and full of excellent red, without neglecting any of the five senses.

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