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  1. Bisson Ciliegiolo Portofino DOC 2019

    Bisson Società Agricola

    CILIEGIOLO PORTOFINO DOC  produced by Bisson Società Agricola is a bright red rosé wine.

    It is very savoury, drinkable and dry, produced with 100% cherry grapes in the Trigoso Estate in Sestri Levante.

    Its name is linked to its primary aroma, cherry.

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The best Wines of Liguria Online

Ligurian wines

A predominantly mountainous or hilly region, with an outlet to a sea that is spectacular, to say the least, which has inspired Italian and international artists and poets, Liguria is certainly not one of the most active and productive regions in terms of agriculture, due to the harshness of its territory. Yet among the famous cultivated terraces of the Ligurian landscape, mainly reserved for the cultivation of olive trees, we find some very interesting vines.


Reds, whites, rosés or bubbles?

The Ligurian territory does not produce particularly renowned or high-quality reds. Instead, there are several white grape varieties, some interesting rosés and full-bodied and intriguing sparkling wines, some of which are really simply unique. On our e-commerce, you can find some truly exceptional Ligurian wines online, produced by the famous Bisson wineries, renowned among wine lovers as well as sea and scuba diving lovers, precisely because it produces the unique and inimitable Metodo Classico submerged sparkling wine in the world, which is aged in the sea. Let's see together the proposals of this interesting winery.


An incredible selection of white wines

Among the Ligurian white wines par excellence, you can buy on our website an excellent Vermentino Intrigoso Portofino DOC, produced in the coastal area of Trigoso, hence the name, and Sestri Levante, a beautiful area known to lovers of the sea and especially scuba diving, thanks to the presence of the Protected Marine Area of Portofino. This fragrant wine, with a pleasant persistence and remarkable minerality, is a dry but delicately soft white wine, with a straw yellow colour, which literally tastes of the sea and goes perfectly with seafood dishes, whether fish, crustaceans or molluscs. Known throughout Italy and the world, Bisson Vermentino is the perfect accompaniment to a lazy summer lunch on Ligurian soil, enjoyed by the sea, among local specialities and breathtaking landscapes.

Cimixà Villa Fieschi Portofino DOC is produced in the same area, with grapes grown in the fields owned by the Fieschi family, in Contrada Pestella. Perhaps you have heard of this grape under the name Scimiscià, an Italianisation of the Ligurian term. It is said that the vine was in danger of extinction in the seventies when it was saved by a local confectioner by pure chance. Compared to Vermentino, Cimixà has a more intense, almost golden colour. On the nose, it is an intensely perfumed wine, with hints of aniseed and gradually more mineral and deep, while on the palate it is a dry but harmonious and full wine, whose aroma persists for a long time. This beautiful wine with its intense colour goes perfectly with fish or shellfish dishes, but also with white meat and aged cheese boards.

Another Ligurian white wine that you can buy on our e-commerce, produced by the renowned Bisson winery, is the delicious and versatile Pigato Bianco Colline del Genovesato IGT: a native wine, produced exclusively on the Ligurian hills of Genovesato, tasty and deeply mineral. A wine that smells just like its land, with a brilliant straw yellow colour and a fruity bouquet, with notes of sage and apricot in its aromatic group. Thanks to its dry taste, pleasantly soft to the taste, full and persistent, Pigato goes incredibly well with traditional Ligurian dishes, such as the majestic trofie al pesto, pansoti, testaroli, rabbit alla genovese but also the pasqualina cake, testaroli, the famous Ligurian focaccia and gachas. Clearly, it is almost superfluous to add that this wine also goes divinely with simple and tasty fish dishes, both local and less traditional.


Rosé wines from the Bisson winery

Among the Ligurian wines online at the Bisson farm and winery, you won't find bottles of red wines, but on the other hand, you will be able to taste an exceptional rosé wine, Ciliegiolo Portofino DOC, a bright, bright purple-red wine, produced with ciliegiolo grapes grown exclusively in the Trigoso Estate in Sestri Levante. The perfect match always with fish dishes, its versatility makes it also excellent with dishes based on vegetables, white meat, cold cuts and red meat. Dry and savoury, it also goes well with fruit and desserts thanks to its aroma of cherry and berries.


Sparkling wines of Liguria

If you've never heard of sparkling wine coming from the sea, get ready to learn something truly exceptional. The sparkling wine produced by the Bisson cellars is a wonderful and traditional Metodo Classico, named after the French Champagne region where the bubbles are obtained thanks to the process of refermentation in the bottle: all normal until the bottles are brought underwater at 60 meters, almost 200 feet, and left in a cage for months, over two years. The constant temperature of 15 degrees centigrade, the soft light typical of such depth, the pressure of seven bars and the underwater currents that constantly and tirelessly cradle the bottles, allow the underwater refinement of this sparkling wine that remains one of the most particular and exceptional products of the Ligurian territory in terms of wine. The Bisson Abissi Spumante Metodo Classico Portofino was therefore born from a truly innovative idea, developed thanks to the collaboration of the Bisson winery with the renowned and historic underwater equipment manufacturer Drafinsub of Genoa (leader in underwater work), also from Liguria. A homemade wedding, with exceptional implications and cemented by the love for the sea of the wonderful and unique Portofino Promontory.


The varieties of Metodo Classico Abissi sparkling wine

A perfect gift for the Christmas basket, a bottle to take to dinner leaving the diners amazed, a nice thought for the friend who loves diving: on SellWine you can buy the Metodo Classico Abissi sparkling wine in its three different variants.

In all three versions that I present to you the bottles are placed in stainless steel cages and immersed on the seabed in the Bay of Silence and depending on the version are left for periods ranging from 14 to 26 months.

ABISSI Spumante Metodo Classico Portofino DOC is produced from the grapes of the varieties Bianchetta Genovese, Vermentino, Cimixià but always vary according to the vintage, the bottles remain on the seabed for 18 months, then they are fished out and disgorgement of the product follows, the racking and bottling take place after one year of ageing.

ABISSI Spumante Metodo Classico Portofino DOC Riserva Marina is produced with grapes from the Bianchetto Genovese and Vermentino, Cimixià as for the classic version depends on the vintage. In this RISERVA version, the bottles are left immersed in the seabed for a longer period of 26 months, always at a depth of 60 metres and at a constant temperature of 15°. Subsequently, the bottles are made to re-emerge from the sea and proceed with the "tip" or the bottles placed on special trestles are rotated daily, after 34 months the disgorgement and filling using the same sparkling wine without the addition of sugar.

The ABISSI Spumante Metodo Classico Pas Dosè Rosè is the Rosé version of the Abissi sparkling wine, the so-called Spumante di Atlantide, and is produced from the grapes of the Ciliegiolo and Granaccia varieties, as for the other two versions, everything depends on the vintage.

For the ROSÈ version, the immersion period is among the shortest, we are talking about "only" 14 months in the depths of the sea. Once the bottles have resurfaced, we continue with the "tip" and after 22 months we proceed with the disgorging and filling, as for the RISERVA without added sugar and using the same sparkling wine.

In its three versions, Spumante Metodo Classico Bisson Abissi greatly enhances the wine landscape of the Liguria region and makes it unique among Ligurian wines online. This sparkling wine is simply perfect throughout the meal, to be sipped amiably from appetizer to dessert, thanks to its fresh, dry and strongly mineral taste. In the Rosè version, the taste is integrated with salty notes, flavours of vegetable character and Mediterranean berries. Moreover, all the bottles are practically unique, thanks to the incrustations and coating of small oysters that months or even years of immersion in the waters of the Portofino Protected Marine Area guarantee and give a real added value that gives uniqueness and rarity to every single bottle.

The bottles of Spumante ABISSI are lulled by the currents of the Ligurian Sea and the bubbles are thus generated in a natural and extremely particular way: an aspect that makes them unique and famous all over the world.


So let yourself be tempted by the intriguing Bisson collection that you can find in our exclusive digital wine shop. You can safely buy excellent and fine Ligurian wines online on SellWine, and fully enjoy the products of the Liguria region. Cheers!