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  1. Cantina Rotaliana Clesurae Teroldego Rotaliano DOC 2011

    Cantina Rotaliana

    The Clesurae Teroldego Rotaliano DOC of Cantina Rotaliana is an award-winning and extremely popular pluri, a very valuable Teroldego Rotaliano DOC..

    It is made from very high quality grapes and a careful winemaking process, designed to obtain an authentic Rotald Teroldego, highly drinkable, capable of maintaining its peculiarities, combining them with international taste.

    Consecrated among the stars of national enology, it is a wine that amazes and excites for its liveliness, refined softness and complexity.

    Many his awards including:
    _ Gold Medal - AWC Vienna 2014 - International Wine Challenge
    _ Silver Medal Competition Decanter World Wine Awards 2015 - London
    _ IWSC Silver Medal International Wine & Spirit Competition Awards 2015
    _ 2 ° MIglior Red Wine of Italy - Luca Maroni - Directory of the Best Italian Wines 2015
    _ 96 points - Luca Maroni - Directory of Italian Best Wines 2015
    _ 90 points - Gold Guide I Vini di Veronelli 2015
    _ 89 points Tasted Journal - www.blindtasted.com
    _ 5 Grappoli - Bibenda 2015

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  2. Cantina Rotaliana Lagrein Trentino DOC 2016

    Cantina Rotaliana

    The Lagrein Trentino DOC of the Cantina Rotaliana is a lively red wine, ideal for lovers of fresh and fruity wines.

    Obtained from grapes grown in the Campo Rotaliano, it follows the mineral and fresh characteristics of these lands.

    Awards obtained:
    _ 2 TCI Stars - Vini Buoni d'Italia 2018
    _ 91 points Luca Maroni - Directory of Italian Best Wines 2018

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    CHF 14.50 A bottiglia
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  3. Cantina Rotaliana Teroldego Rotaliano DOC Etichetta Rossa 2017

    Cantina Rotaliana

    The Teroldego Rotaliano DOC Etichetta Rossal of the Cantina Rotaliana is a fresh and lively wine, very drinkable, it embodies with frankness the characteristic features of its land: the Campo Rotaliano.

    Surprising for its intense and brilliant color, almost a jewel, it fascinates with the richness of the fruit and is distinguished by its violet and bitterish notes.

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  4. Cantina Rotaliana Müller Thurgau Trentino DOC 2018

    Cantina Rotaliana

    The excellent Müller Thurgau Trentino D.O.C. of the Cantina Rotaliana has a delicate, clean, finely spiced aroma.

    On the palate it is fresh and sapid, supported by an aromatic structure that makes it persistent to the taste and ready to drink.

    Excellent as an aperitif, it is very versatile when paired thanks to its marked freshness.

    A wine particularly appreciated by women because it is not demanding and particularly delicate on the palate.

     Müller Thurgau 2018 was awarded the Gold Medal at the 16th International Wine Competition Müller Thurgau.

    Müller Thurgau

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  5. Cantina Rotaliana Pinot Nero Trentino DOC 2017

    Cantina Rotaliana

    The Pinot Nero Trentino DOC of the Cantina Rotaliana is extremely versatile in its combination, capable of enhancing roasts and cured meats, pleasantly surprising with ethnic dishes and fried fries.

    Its color is of a wonderful bright garnet red, able to satisfy the eye and taste with its fresh and fruity taste, always elegant and pleasantly persistent.

    A beautiful discovery for pinot noir lovers.

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  6. Book and Wine Selection Il Giardino dei Semplici and Clesurae

    A spiritual and enveloping novel, a full bodied red and intense, this is how the SellWine gift idea is born.

    Our "sensory adventures kit" includes:
    • two bottles of Clesurae Teroldego Rotaliano D.O.C. of the Rotaliana Winery
    • a copy of the novel Il Giardino dei Semplici by the Lugano author Gerardo Bramati (in italian)

    What better way to enjoy a historical novel set in a sensory and enveloping middle age, if not accompany it with a glass of good wine?

    From here came our idea of proposing a unique experience, able to wrap those who receive it in a whirlwind of pleasant sensations: an adventure illuminated by the sun that reverberates on gothic windows and perfumed by fruity fragrances.

    An experience that includes the sound of the North Sea, the paper flowing between the fingers and the velvety taste and full of excellent red, without neglecting any of the five senses.

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The best Wines of Trentino

If you intend to implement your wine shop by choosing among the various Trentino wines that can be purchased online, the offer is very wide.
Trentino is in fact no exception to the great Italian wine tradition and offers you a wide selection of red, rosé and white wines produced in its territory thanks to the wide variety of vines grown on suitable terroirs.
The Königsberg Rotarian Plain, then, deserves special attention because, in addition to being very important from a tourist and cultural point of view (the valley has been inhabited since the Mesolithic period), it is an area with a great wine vocation since ancient times.
There are many wineries there, such as the Cantina Rotaliana, where you can taste not only the typical wines, but also the local specialties, perhaps after having discovered the many treasures of this corner of Trentino.
Among historical villages, noble palaces, villas, churches and natural oasis, in fact, you will not miss the opportunity to organize a special weekend in these places.

The Rotoliana Königsberg Plain owes its uniqueness to its particular border position; historically, in fact, it has always been a place of passage, a crossroads of cultures and people who have left deep traces in the culture and urban planning of the area.
In Roman times the Piana Rotaliana was then a strategic point of communication between the Po Valley and Germany via the Via Claudia Augusta.

Mezzolombardo, Mezzocorona, San Michele all'Adige or Lavis are some of the small municipalities that rise on this territory and that jealously enclose the long history of the valley through the centuries, among illustrious families (Thun, Firmian, Spau) and ancient traditions to be discovered.

The vineyards, then, which extend from the river to the hills that precede the mountains, offer your view a charming and fascinating landscape. The soil rich in mineral salts and the favorable climatic conditions contribute to the development of fine grapes that give wines of great excellence, known throughout the world.
At this point you just have to make a short virtual journey among the most characteristic Trentino wines, which you can also taste from the comfort of your home with online orders.

Red wines of Trentino

Among the most representative reds of Trentino is certainly the Teroldego Rotaliano Doc, defined by experts as "the prince of Trentino wines". It is produced from autochthonous vines, whose characteristics give this wine unique organoleptic characteristics.
Teroldego has been known since ancient times and its production has been documented since 1300 because the Terodol vine, which arrived with migrant populations, found here the best conditions for its development.
Another high quality red wine deriving only from autochthonous grapes is Lagrein Trentino Doc, with its intense ruby colour and hints of fruit and vanilla, which will envelop you with its freshness and elegance, adapting to every occasion.

Pinot Nero Trentino Doc is another excellence of this region, thanks to the particular characteristics of the vine, whose origin is to be found in Burgundy. It is a niche production, since the vines are not easily adaptable to all terrains, but the result is an elegant and exclusive wine, ideal for the most difficult palates and also perfect as a gift.

Trentino white wines

If you prefer whites, MüLLER THURGAU represents a perfect synthesis of the cosmopolitan history of this territory.
The vine, in fact, was brought here from Germany in the late nineteenth century by a famous oenologist. Herman Müller, born in Thurgau, Switzerland.
The vine was made by crossing the Riesling of the Rhineland with the Madeleine Royale and over time it has spread to different parts of Europe and the world. The resulting wine is fresh, pleasant and lively just enough to tickle your palate and make every dish tastier. It is great on the table, for everyday occasions and is the classic wine you can fall in love with.

If you want to try an aromatic white wine, with a scent and taste that will certainly leave its mark, the advice is to orient yourself towards Gewürztraminer or Traminer Aromatico Trentino Doc, whose vines, very demanding, develop in the most hilly and sunny areas, drawing from the soil all those substances that contribute to make its organoleptic qualities so special and intense.

A classic that never disappoints is the Pinot Bianco Trentino Doc, suitable for you if you prefer traditional white wines.
Fruity and fresh, but at the same time elegantly dry and delicate, it always manages to make your table refined, combining with all your most sought after dishes or a glamorous aperitif.
Pinot Bianco is also used to make Spumante Trento Doc.

Moscato Giallo, worked dry or sweet, is an aromatic wine typical of Trentino and can be used both as an aperitif, due to its particular freshness, and as an accompaniment to meals.

The Moscato Giallo Rotaliano also has a particular citrusy note that goes perfectly with particularly fragrant dishes, such as those related to Asian cuisine.
This is thanks to the soil on which the rows of vines grow, a fresh soil of medium depth and with a sandy base, which enhances its unique characteristics.

With SellWine you can easily find these Trentino wines online and we will send them to your home!