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  1. Tre Donne Barbera D'Alba DOC Donna Rossa 2016

    Tre Donne

    The Barbera D'Alba DOC Donna Rossa produced by the TRE DONNE winery comes from the Barbaresco area, in Neive, in the Langhe, Piedmont.

    The grapes come from some cru called "La Funda", "Sotto il Pra", "Vigna Grossa" 100% Barbera.

    A wine famous throughout the world and a symbol of Italian quality, it has a clear red colour, its perfume is unmistakable, rich and intense, while on the palate it is soft and warm.

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    CHF 14.50 A bottiglia
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  2. Tre Donne Langhe DOC Bianco Quattro Donna Ambra 2018

    Tre Donne

    The Langhe DOC Bianco Quattro Donna Ambra produced by the TRE DONNE winery is made up of two varieties of vines, 80% Chardonnay and 20% Sauvignon.

    It is a classic Piedmontese white wine that comes from the area of Neive, in Barbaresco, Langhe, Piedmont by some cru called "Ert", "Dal Cabanun", "Da Paiun", "Da Gidio".

    A very fragrant and fresh white wine, soft and balanced that goes perfectly with dishes with strong flavors.

    Chardonnay, Sauvignon

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    CHF 16.90

    CHF 11.80 A bottiglia
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  3. Tre Donne Langhe DOC Nebbiolo Donna Nera 2015

    Tre Donne

    Langhe DOC Nebbiolo Donna Nera, a fine wine produced by the TRE DONNE winery, comes from the area of Monticello d'Alba in Roero, Piedmont, Italy.

    The grapes used to produce it come from some Cru called Suria and Ruei, 100% Nebbiolo grapes.

    It is a wine that loves aging, well balanced.

    The power and tannins of Nebbiolo are not aggressive, indeed very soft, this characteristic makes it perfect for special occasions. 

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  4. Tre Donne DARC Vino Rosso Piemonte Donna Bruna

    Tre Donne

    DARC Vino Rosso Piemonte Donna Bruna is a fresh, young wine that comes from the rather original combination of Piedmontese and French vines.

    It is composed of different varieties, that is 40% Barbera d'Alba, 30% Pinot Noir, 20% Dolcetto d'Alba, 10% Freisa.

    Its area of origin is Neive in the Barbaresco area, in the Langhe in Piedmont, a wine with an intense ruby red colour and a magnificently warm and enveloping palate.

    The wine owes its name to Giovanna D'Arco/Joan of Arc..

    Barbera d'Alba, Dolcetto Alba, Freisa, Pinot Nero

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    CHF 14.50 A bottiglia
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  5. Tre Donne Dolcetto D'Alba DOC Donna Viola 2017

    Tre Donne

    The Dolcetto D'Alba DOC Donna Viola produced by the winery TRE DONNE is a young, fresh Piedmontese wine.

    Produced with 100% Dolcetto grapes from Neive in the Barbaresco area, Langhe, Piedmont from several Cru called Sorì Serragrilli ”,“ Da Vigia ”,“ La Vietta ”.

    The fruity cherry flavor typical of Dolcetto is usually combined with spicy foods which makes it suitable also for Asian cuisines where the tastes are very particular.

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    CHF 14.50 A bottiglia
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  6. Tre Donne Barbaresco DOCG Donna Milia 2015

    Tre Donne

    Barbaresco DOCG Donna Milia is a wine from the Piedmontese wines tradition that the TRE DONNE winery produces with passion and is among the most awarded wines in their collection.

    Produced with 100% Nebbiolo grapes from Neive in the Barbaresco area, Langhe, Piedmont from a Cru called "Vigneto Sorì Basarin".

    Like the great Italian red wines, it contains a moderate acidity and large tannins that make it last over time and it is certainly a wine that loves aging.

    A wine that as in the best Piedmontese tradition can be best appreciated when its rich and full aromas are paired with pasta with roast sauce, risotto with Nebbiolo wine, game and braised meat.

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    CHF 38.50 A bottiglia
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  7. Tre Donne Barolo DOCG Donna Clotilde 2014

    Tre Donne

    The Barolo DOCG Donna Clotilde is a high expression of the Piedmontese Barolo wine that the TRE DONNE cellar offers us.

    Produced with 100% Nebbiolo grapes, it comes from the La Morra area in the Barolo area, Langhe, Piedmont.

    Barolo is a wine that loves aging, an important wine with character to combine with foods such as red meat par excellence to be able to taste it at its best and appreciate its rich and solid structure on the palate.

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    CHF 37.50 A bottiglia
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The best Wines of Piedmont

Piedmontese wines represent one of the excellences of Italian wine production, a real flagship for Made in Italy, which includes a rich selection of white and red wines of great structure and elegance and full and harmonious taste. These wines are born in a land unique for its natural characteristics, where time seems to have stood still. The Langhe and Roero, in particular, offer breathtaking landscapes, which every year attract thousands of tourists who are fascinated by the small villages on the hills, surrounded by vineyards and characterized by great food and wine traditions. In these lands we find areas that offer a great oenological culture, based on centuries-old traditions of wine production that are handed down from generation to generation. Piedmontese wines are produced in the wine-growing and wine-producing areas of the Novara and Vercelli Hills, around the river Sesia, Carema and Canavese, bathed by the Dora Baltea, Monferrato, Roero and Langhe around Alba, the Tortona Hills, the Turin Hills.

The production of Piedmontese wines extends throughout this territory, with mainly family-run wineries that produce wines that represent the excellence of Italian wine in the world every year.

The winery Tre Donne

Our winery is part of the vast oenological panorama, producing every year Piedmontese red and white wines that are based on love for the territory and respect for unique traditions. The Lequio family, in fact, has been producing wine since 1850. The company was born from the passion of our ancestors for wine, who began producing in Neive, in the area between the Langhe and Monferrato. Over the years, the company's cultivation territories have been extended, particularly in the areas of Barolo, Roero and Gavi. Today the company is managed by three women who carry on the family traditions, producing Piedmontese wines of great elegance.

Piedmontese wines, the beauty of the territory in a glass

Piedmontese wines express in the glass all the beauty and potential of the territory in which they originate: a great variety of choices between red and white Piedmontese wines, each with its own distinctive characteristics and identity, which make it perfect to be enjoyed in combination with the culinary specialties of the territory.

Piedmontese red wines

They have a great structure and are usually better appreciated after an adequate period of ageing. Among these we find Barbaresco, Barolo and Dolcetto d'Alba, but also many others worthy of note such as Nebbiolo and Babera.

Piedmontese white wines

Ideal to be consumed young, they are characterized by delicate and fresh scents and soft and fruity flavors. Among these we find the Langhe Bianco, Roero Arneis and of course Gavi di Gavi.

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