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    Bisson Marea Cinque Terre DOC 2019

    Bisson Società Agricola

    MAREA CINQUE TERRE DOC is produced in the southernmost part of the so-called Cinque Terre and more precisely in the area of the ancient village of Riomaggiore.

    It is a white wine of character and intense to be matched with fish dishes with a strong flavour.

    It is vinified in limited quantities making it even more unique than rare.

    Albarola, Bosco, Vermentino

    Qt.a disponibile: 18 btl

    CHF 26.00 A bottiglia
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    Azienda Bianchi CERUS BIO SUISSE Organic Red Wine Barricaded Ticino 2017

    Azienda Agricola Bianchi

    The CERUS Rosso Biologico Barricato IGT Svizzera Italiana Bio Suisse produced by Azienda Agricola Bianchi is an organic red wine barricaded and certified BIO SUISSE.

    The grapes used for its production are of an interspecific variety of the Cabernet Sauvignon family. Cerus is a wine barred for 13 months.

    It is a garnet red wine, the aromatic baggage is rich and variegated with the many nuances of ripe red fruit, undergrowth and soil.

    The gustative range corresponds to the sense of smell, where acidity and sapidity have a perfect link with the tannins and the structure of the wine. Harmonious and elegant wine.

    Qt.a disponibile: 5 btl

    CHF 28.50 A bottiglia
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    Bisson Pigato White Wine Colline del Genovesato IGT 2019

    Bisson Società Agricola

    Ligurian viticulture is known for having always borne native vines and this wine of the Bisson Agricultural Society is an authentic PIGATO BIANCO COLLINE DEL GENOVESATO IGT  that perfectly expresses all the characteristics of this vine. 

    This wine comes from the cultivation of the Pigato grape a wine produced solely in Liguria, an example of extraordinary flavor and minerality, typical characteristics of this grape variety.

    Qt.a disponibile: 20 btl

    CHF 18.40 A bottiglia
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    Azienda Bianchi NONE BIO SUISSE Organic White Wine Barricaded Ticino 2019

    Azienda Agricola Bianchi

    The None is produced by the Azienda Agricola Bianchi and is an organic barricaded white wine IGT of Italian Switzerland and Bio Suisse certificate.

    The grapes for the production of this excellent wine are 100% Solaris and is vinified 100% in barrique. Fermentation takes place at low temperatures with ageing of 7 months in barriques.

    The straw-yellow colour is complex to the nose with a clear expression of citrus scents and tertiary notes given by the roasting of the wood.

    On the palate, a perfect synchrony between acidity and minerality, the wood in this wine enriches its already initial depth and brings a continuous and refined drink pleasantness. A wine that over time acquires structure, persistence and depth.

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    Simplicity Selection

    A selection of simple but intense wines that will amaze you. Also for the price.

    CHF 36.50
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    Discovery Selection

    A selection of wines to discover: hidden pearls, with an intriguing price.

    CHF 44.50
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    Top Wines Selection

    The best selection of top wines, carefully selected by SellWine over the years.

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    Wines we love

    Excellent wines, which we love, selected by time and experience.

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    Selected sparkling wines (Gold)

    Selection of prosecco and sparkling wines: emotions to share, or to enjoy alone. At the right price.
    CHF 49.00
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    Selected sparkling wines (Platinum)

    Selection of superior quality sparkling wines: emotions to share, or to enjoy alone.
    CHF 73.80
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    Top Ticino Wine Selection

    Sometimes treasures are just outside the door: discover our selection of Ticino wines.
    CHF 98.00
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    Valpolicella Selection

    Superiore, Ripasso and Amarone: discover the best of Valpolicella wines.
    CHF 62.00
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    Excellent Red Wines Selection

    Three excellent red wines, born from grapes renowned all over the world.
    CHF 84.00
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    Selection of Delicate White Wines

    White wines, sparkling: three wines for fine palates, to discover and enjoy alone or with friends.
    CHF 52.90
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