How can we help our customers to buy wine online while experiencing a practical and, at the same time, satisfying experience from an oenological point of view? Below we have summarized four of the key points of SellWine's philosophy.

Wine selection
The selection is the basis of a wide but quality offer: if we did not try personally the wines we propose, if we were not ourselves our first (and most critical) customers, we would not do our job in the right way. Every wine on our portal has arrived in that position after having convinced us that it is really worth investing resources to bring it to your tables. We have selected producers, vines and bottles according to objective criteria of quality, but without ever neglecting what the heart and taste tell us: only in this way can we ensure that buying wine online is a positive experience for those who trust us.

From producer to consumer
For many foreign wineries whose wines are present on our online wine shop, SellWine plays the role of importer, sometimes in exclusive conditions on the territory. We never lack in our offer the classics, the wines of the territory and the best known bottles, but at the same time we like to go and find the rare pearls of oenology and propose them to our customers, certain that they will be pleasantly surprised.

Notes on organoleptic characteristics
Each online wine shop worthy of this name provides, for each wine proposed, a description of the experience that the customer will live at the time of tasting. Words carefully chosen by expert oenologists who must be able to give birth in the mind and on the taste buds of the user a sort of food and wine trailer. In our experience (as wine lovers, first of all) we have learned to give importance to this aspect, and this is why for each wine on our portal we provide details of how it is perceived by sight, smell, taste, and which dish best accompanies it. Attention not always present in online shop, but that in our online wine shop we have demanded to be present, as if we were ourselves the producers of the wines we offer you. Because buying wine online must be convenient, but also an experience as close as possible to the tastes of the customer.

Fast and free shipping
From the first day we offered wines online, our shipments have always been free, starting from the first bottle: in this way we guarantee maximum transparency on sales prices and in no phase of the purchase the user is confronted with unexpected costs. But as well as being transparent and convenient, we want online wine shopping to be a dynamic experience: for this reason, our shipments are made on the working day following receipt of the order. It is true that sometimes waiting is the first form of pleasure, but when it comes to dinner time and friends sit at the table, good wine can not be late.