Thanks to online wine purchases, it is possible to do business in a convenient way, especially for large quantities. But even in the case of a single bottle to buy, it is good to inquire, so as to avoid that a single mistake turns out to be too expensive...

How to buy wine online: the Sellwine checklist

Here are the recommended steps to buy wine online without mistakes:

  • Make a personal wine search
  • Check conditions and delivery/return or exchange options
  • Make sure you have studied the company and its competitors
  • If you would like to have a tasting first, it is preferable to look for a wine shop in the area and, once you have found your preferred retailer or wine, subscribe to newsletters or email alerts to receive the first news about special offers and reserved discounts.

Why buy wine online?

One of the greatest advantages of buying wine online is that it makes it possible to search for any type of wine, according to your preferences, for example by selecting from time to time:

  • producers
  • vintages
  • tasting notes

When you enter a wine shop, on the other hand, you rely on your knowledge but above all on the advice of the staff, which of course varies greatly, depending on the selection of products in the shop.

Also, if you live outside the city, ordering wine online can be a great help; even if some rural areas involve some extra delivery costs. Buying wine online is child's play for those who live in a remote location!

And you'll probably find more varieties online than you'll ever find in one specialist shop, especially if the online merchant specialises in a particular region. Supermarkets or wine shops cannot offer a sophisticated selection of every single type of wine or have all the existing wine cellars. On the web instead you can find exactly the bottle you are looking for and see it delivered to your home, thanks to simple clicks and a few minutes.

Buying wine online: the guarantees of e-commerce

When you decide to proceed with the purchase of wine on the web, there are some factors to take into account. Sellwine is the e-commerce that offers important sales guarantees and provides, in addition to free shipping, also the possible refund or return of the product.


One of the first parameters of evaluation, when browsing an e-commerce of wines, concerns the shipping service offered.

Delivery is obviously extremely important when it comes to online sales.

How flexible will the retailer be, how expensive will it be, are his couriers courteous?

Instant or guaranteed same-day delivery is also growing as a service, although this is happening especially in major cities like London and New York at the moment. But finding an e-commerce that offers "free delivery" or the opportunity of "satisfaction or refund" has a positive effect on customers and it is natural to be more inclined to purchase.

Factors to pay attention to

The advice is to compare the quality of services offered with those of competitors, with a focus on details.

In particular?

  • Presence of a contact page
  • Identification of geographical location
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Reliability is an essential requirement! The presence of an active blog is also an excellent indicator of the care given to e-commerce by owners/operators.

On the other hand, you should be wary of subscribing to binding offers over time. Subscribing to a subscription, for example, should be the result of an ongoing relationship of trust and not an instinctive gesture made just to get an initial voucher.

It is better to maintain control at all times and not to engage beyond a reasonable level.

About en primeur

If you want to buy a wine en primeur online, it is even more important to look for the credentials of the company you are buying from.

So let's put the spotlight on the risks of wine fraud: the advice is to buy en primeur only from established companies, with traceability behind them and an excellent reputation.

Social and community profiles

The social reference for e-commerce is important, as this allows to increase the visibility of the brand but above all its online reputation. Social networks also play a basic customer service function today, indispensable for those who have decided to make online sales their core business (in particular to respond to consumer questions and doubts).

The community also performs an important word-of-mouth function. Online wine sales represent a niche business and only e-commerce that differ in terms of professionalism and quality of services can guarantee positive and honest feedback from customers.

Simplicity of the payment process

When it comes to buying online, simple and transparent payment methods are the ones that should win your trust the most. The product selection process for the shopping cart should be as simple as possible and the checkout should offer different payment methods to complete the transaction.

Mobile-friendly e-commerce

True professionals in the sector know that a responsive website (i.e. one that adapts to each device and facilitates the display of content) is essential for online shopping enthusiasts, who devote their free time (from smartphones or tablets, for example) to this activity. An e-commerce that from this point of view enhances the user experience and satisfies its potential customers, is undoubtedly preferable.

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