Wine has a living soul


The process of gradually digitizing our lives has meant that many activities that we thought impossible to make digital today can be carried out remotely, thanks to technological supports. Consulting in many areas has gone from meeting in person to videochat, from support chats to virtual consultants able to understand, process and respond thanks to an increasingly advanced artificial intelligence. Between virtual dressing rooms where we can try clothes on a 3D scan of our bodies and experiences of augmented reality that show us the cities as they were centuries ago, we asked ourselves: can even the tasting of a wine be digitized?



Organoleptic characteristics

As wine lovers, it is not a new experience for us to have to choose between different wines (to discover, to market or simply to order online) based on the information available on the website of the producer. And it is in this phase that we find it extremely useful if the producer himself (or, better, his winemaker) has invested time and expertise in the preparation of an organoleptic card: this, summarizing the visual, olfactory and taste sensations offered by each wine, is for the user an element of primary importance to understand if the product can align to his taste.



The three phases of the tasting

Of the three phases, visual analysis is certainly the one that least loses its effectiveness when transported in the digital world: the color, transparency, perlage and the arches that form inside the glass in the case of structured wines can give us great indications even in photography. As for the characteristics perceivable to the sense of smell and taste, the process of digitalization is definitely more complex: for these elements we just have to rely on the card, which however can help us enormously in the choice of the most suitable wine for us.



Our commitment to the customer experience

A complete experience of digital tasting is not feasible today, and from a certain point of view we are happy about it: as wine lovers we are fascinated by the aspects most related to the territory and nature, to tradition, to a product that to be enjoyed really forces us (and for this we should thank him) to turn off the digital devices and to sit together at a table.


However, aware of the wonderful opportunities offered by the digital world, we have developed our online wine shop with the aim of allowing the user to quickly obtain all the key information to get to know every product in our cellar. Loving each wine as if we were the producer ourselves, we have provided each of them with an organoleptic characteristics sheet complete with details on the three phases. For each product, we have also included culinary combinations recommended to appreciate the wine in its maximum expression.


Tasting wine online is not feasible today, but we are committed every day so that the experience of our customers on is better, more intense and sensorial as possible.