To Visit the Monastery and its vineyards: an event to be booked immediately

In collaboration with Valbus Viaggi SA, Lugano we will organize a visit to the "Klosterneuburg Monastery" and of course to its wine cellars and its vineyards.

The "Grand tour of the monastery" allows visitors to relive the highlights of the 900-year history of the Monastery and the "Tour of the wine cellars" leads up to 36 meters deep underground, where the baroque cellars are located.


 Why visit the monastery? It is the first wine-growing school in the world

In 1860 the first wine-growing school in the world was founded by the monastery of Klosterneuburg, always on the initiative of the Augustinian monks. Since its foundation in 1114, many things have changed in Klosterneuburg monastery, but the essential elements have remained the same:


Vineyards maintenance in harmony with nature

A careful vineyard in harmony with nature also means giving people the advantage over machines in the cultivation of vineyards.

Open to new ideas

 The use of modern technology in historic wine cellars


Man's respectful approach to the environment
All processes throughout the vineyard are analyzed and optimized in view of their impact on the climate


The research to create unique wines

With the label "Stift Klosterneuburg" the monastery produces excellent and famous wines and liqueurs


The legend of Klosterneuburg Monastery

Legend has it that the abbey was built in that precise place for an act of love marked by destiny. Margrave Leopold III of Babenberg who founded the monastery, in the ninth anniversary of his marriage with his wife Agnes, would have found the wedding veil that was taken away by a gust of wind during the wedding ceremony. Leopoldo found the wedding veil on a branch of elderberry where the Klosterneuburg Abbey was built.

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