CAGI Cantina Giubiasco A historic Ticino winery turns 90 and celebrates with a new wine 1929 Ticino DOC Merlot del Bellinzonese



CAGI Cantina Giubiasco is a company that was founded in 1929 and that vinifies the grapes of more than 350 winegrowers in Ticino, enhancing in particular the harvest of old hillside vineyards in the districts of Bellinzona and Locarno, which represent a real landscape heritage that distinguishes our territory from the immense value.

In recent years the winery has significantly improved the quality of its wines and Merlot is certainly the vine symbol of the winery with which it creates unique and highly regarded wines.

The video we publish tells the story of the winery by Sergio Scalmanini, current director of the winery.




To celebrate its 90th anniversary worthily, the winery has created a new wine the


1929 Ticino DOC Merlot del Bellinzonese 2017


On the label there is a reproduction of a postcard depicting the Federal Shooting of 1929, the year in which the winery was founded.

It is a fine Ticino wine with a very intense ruby red colour and purplish reflections. Its aroma is spicy with hints of ripe fruit. Good body and balanced. On the palate it is soft and persistent. A wine to collect!


The winery has recently created several new labels such as Spumante Brut Bucaneve Bianco di Merlot Ticino DOC, which is the sparkling version of the famous Merlot Bianco Bucaneve Ticino DOC by CAGI, well known and appreciated throughout Switzerland and winner of many awards in the wine sector.


Spumante Malizia Extra Brut IGT Svizzera Italiana is a wine made from interspecific white grapes grown in Ticino. It is a novelty of the winery certainly to be discovered, particularly suitable for the whole meal but is also excellent as an aperitif. It has an intense and fruity bouquet with a harmonious and savoury taste.


The Merlot del Locarnese Ticino DOC was created to honour the quality of the Merlot grape grown in the district of Locarno, a real tribute to the winemakers and consumers of the Lake Maggiore region. By selecting the grapes of four faithful and representative suppliers of grapes from the district of Locarno: Gabriele and Renzo Calzascia, Manuele Martella, Peppino Maggini and Werner Biral for the first time with the 2016 vintage has produced a wine in the image of the territory.


A cellar that turns 90 years old but always young and innovative that well represents the wine of Ticino in particular the Merlot.

During the summer, the winery will propose a number of events to celebrate this important milestone, all of which we will be documenting together.