Products of the highest quality, celebrated in the world and closely related to each other: yet, to say that champagne and sparkling wine are the same (only, produced in different regions) could be considered a heresy by those who most appreciate the world of bubbles. Beyond controversies and rivalries dictated by nationalism, champagne and sparkling wine have a lot in common, but are distinguished by the quality of grapes used and production methods, as well as the prestige of the exclusive designations of geographical origin.



Production methods

The classic method for the production of champagne, called "Champenoise" in France, follows strict and precise dictates, as if it were a real liturgy of winemaking: the only grapes allowed, if you want to get the name of champagne, are Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay, grown exclusively in the region that gives the name to the product, within registered lots of land and located about 150 kilometers north-east of Paris. Followed in Italy for the production, for example, of Franciacorta, it differs from the Martinotti method, which involves a second fermentation in autoclave (and not in the bottle), and allows the use of a wider variety of grapes.



A gold medal sparkling wine

Always passionate about bubbles, in our research we were lucky enough to meet a small masterpiece of sparkling wine, born in the heart of Trentino and immediately the undisputed winner of numerous awards in the industry. The Spumante Metodo Classico R Riserva Brut Trento DOC of the Cantina Rotaliana has won awards, including the gold medals of the WineHunter Award 2018 at the Merano Wine Festival and Mundus Vini (Meiningers Weinwelt 2019). Born from the skilful union of 25% Pinot Noir and 75% Chardonnay (two of the three grape varieties that make up the heart of the champagne), it gives freshness and minerality, sweet notes, silky taste and light shearing. Excellent throughout the meal, it gives the best of itself accompanied by appetizers, meats, shellfish and mature cheeses.



The sparkling wine that comes from the depths

For those who are looking for a decidedly unusual wine, able to surprise friends for its originality and at the same time for its high quality, we have selected the Abissi Spumante Metodo Classico Portofino DOC Riserva Marina of the Ligurian Società Agricola Bisson. For 26 months this sparkling wine is aged in the depths of the Bay of Silence of Sestri Levante, where the bottles are locked in a metal cage and left at a depth of 60 meters at a constant temperature +15 °. The result of the sparkling process, rocked by sea currents, is a complex wine, intense, dry taste, long and rich in minerals.



A world to discover

So wide and varied, the world of SellWine bubbles is a planet to be discovered, able to satisfy both lovers of solutions and more traditional products, and fans who are looking for original wines and never tasted before. The prestigious Veneto, the emerging Trentino, the surprising Liguria and our Ticino (thanks to the Spumante Brut Bucaneve Bianco di Merlot Ticino DOC of the Cantina Giubiasco) are the regions represented in the selection of great bubbles of SellWine.